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Welcome to Promar Performance Engines!

By choosing Promar Performance Engines for your high performance engine/crate engine needs you are selecting the highest quality performance engine on the market. All of our quality work is done “In House” we do not rely on other’s to supply us with our short blocks or balanced rotating assemblies like so many “performance engine shops” do. We are not part of a large “assembly line” performance engine company where performance just gets lost in the shuffle. We are your full service Performance Engine Shop with our years of experience and quality backing us up.

Here at Promar Performance Engines we offer a full line of Performance Crate Engines and Custom Engines. Our High Performance Crate Engines are designed for increased horsepower and torque with a price that won’t empty your wallet. If you need more serious performance or are looking for something specific just give us a call or click on the link to the left to quote you a Custom Performance Engine.

When you look at our competitive prices keep in mind to look at the quality of components that go into every one of our Performance Engines / Crate Engines. The high quality components that we install are there to give you years of worry free reliable horsepower. We feel that there is no reason that you should have to settle for less than the best, which is why we build our Performance Engines the way we do.

We offer several levels of Performance Engines.

To see our more popular designs click the “crate engines” link on the left.

High Output Performance Engines: Moderate performance increase from OE. These are perfect for your daily driver or for a Performance Engine on a tight budget.

Stroker Engines: Increased cubic inch and performance without the cost of a racing engine. These are ideal for Street, Truck, Restoration, or Muscle car applications.

Street/Strip Stroker Engines: A stroker engine with forged internals for increased strength and durability. This is the perfect performance engine for customers that want the most on the street and at the track.

Racing Engines: These are for the racer that wants a big cubic inch, high compression, and forged internal performance engine with high horsepower and torque output.

Marine Performance Engines: Large cubic inch Marine Engines for more horsepower and lots of torque to get your boat up on plane faster.

We are experts in performance engine /classic engine restoration projects taking your “serial numbers matching” engines and restoring them back to original performance or increased performance levels.

Call us if you are looking to increase the performance of your Muscle car, Pony car, Corvette, Mustang, Chevelle, Camaro, El Camino, Trans am, Firebird, Charger, Barracuda, Roadrunner, GTO, Cutlass, 442, Regal, GS, Javelin, Jeep, Truck, Drag Racing, Circle Track Racing, Boat, or any other vehicle that you may have that could use some added Horsepower or Torque.

Distributors and Installers welcome.

Current High Performance Engine Packages

Street/Strip Packages
Chevy 468 CI Big Block 550HP 585FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 632 CI Big Block 750HP 800FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 540 CI Big Block 600HP 700FT/LBS TQ
Ford 418 CI Small Block Windsor 520HP 540FT/LBS TQ
Ford 4.6 Based 5.0L OHC Modular 320HP 390FT/LBS TQ
Ford 428 CI FE Cobra Jet 530HP 540FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 496 CI Big Block 590HP 615FT/LBS TQ
Chrysler 408 CI w/ Alum Heads 465HP 510FT/LBS TQ
Ford 347 CI Small Block 430HP 410FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 383 CI Small Block 530HP 495FT/LBS TQ

Stroker Packages
Chevy 383 CI Small Block 430HP 450FT/LBS TQ
Ford 408 CI Windsor 420HP 460FT/LBS TQ
Jeep 4.6L Stroker 240HP 320FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 383 CI Small Block 340HP 420FT/LBS TQ
Ford 428 CI FE Cobra Jet 350HP 450FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 383 CI Small Block LT1/LT4 440HP 450FT/LBS TQ
Ford 393 CI Windsor w/ Alum Hds 440HP 460FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 496 CI Big Block 525HP 595FT/LBS TQ
Chrysler 493 CI Big Block 510HP 550FT/LBS TQ
Chrysler 408 CI Small Block 410HP 460FT/LBS TQ

High Output Packages
Chevy 350 CI Small Block 350HP 390FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 468 CI Big Block 420HP 450FT/LBS TQ
Ford 351 CI Small Block Windsor 370HP 390FT/LBS TQ
Oldsmobile 350 CI 380HP 440FT/LBS TQ
American Motors 360 CI 330HP 400FT/LBS TQ
Chrysler 360 CI 330HP 395FT/LBS TQ
Chrysler 440 CI 450HP 540FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 5.7L LS1 All Alum FI 405HP 410FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 5.7L LS1 All Alum Carb 420HP 450FT/LBS TQ
Ford 460 CI Big Block 385 Series 455HP 520FT/LBS TQ

Racing Packages
Chevy 350 CI Circle Track Engine 400HP 440FT/LBS TQ
Chrysler 493 CI Big Block 725HP 600FT/LBS TQ
Ford 418 CI Small Block Windsor 625HP 560FT/LBS TQ
Ford 520 CI Big Block 385 Series 725HP 670FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 496 CI Big Block 800HP 700FT/LBS TQ

Marine Packages
Chevy 350 CI Small Block Marine 350HP 390FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 540 CI Big Block Marine 600HP 700FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 383 CI Small Block Marine 380HP 435FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 632 CI Big Block Marine 750HP 800FT/LBS TQ
Chevy 468 CI Big Block Marine 475HP 525FT/LBS TQ

To view all of our High Performance Engine Packages including details please go to our Crate Engine page.

Sport Compact / Import Performance Engines.

Promar now is offering many different engine combinations for the Sport Compact / Import Performance engine market. If you are looking for a strong engine that can handle the boost you want to pump into it you can get it here. From forged CP pistons, Pauter billet rods, ARP main and head studs to custom porting and o rings we have what you need to get your Sport Compact drifting circles around your friends.

If you want a quote on a Custom Import Performance engine package for your Sport Compact please fill out a custom quote form on our website, send us an email, or give us a call.

Ford 4.6 High Performance Long Block

Our 4.6 Ford performance long block engine has been enhanced and upgraded with Reinforced Spark plug threads in PI heads, Keith Black Forged pistons, 4340 Forged full floating H beam rods, ARP 2000 rod bolts, Steel File Fit Rings, and a balanced rotating assembly. This High Performance 4.6 Mustang engine can safely handle up to 12lbs of boost.

includes free shipping to continental U.S. (Useable 4.6 long block core return required.)

Optional Upgrades available

ARP Main Studs Installed
ARP Head Studs Installed
4340 Forged 8 Bolt Crank
(With forged crank the engine can handle up to 19 Lbs of boost)
CNC Ported heads stage 2
CNC Ported Heads stage 3
Aluminum Block Upgrade

The stock 4.6 Ford engines have a very weak bottom end (not to mention weak spark plug threads). If you have increased or plan to increase your power output over 400HP you NEED this 4.6 Ford Performance Engine!

Stock replacement 4.6 ford engines also available
(Recommended as naturally aspirated only)

Promar’s definition of terms.

High Performance Long Block Engine
This is the basis for all of Promar’s Performance crate engine packages. A long block includes a block, a rotating assembly, a pair of heads, and the valve train. If you already have the rest of the items to complete your installation this is the most economical choice. Just remember to clean all of your old parts thoroughly.

Crate Engines
Performance crate engines from Promar include a performance long block engine assembled with an oil pan, a harmonic balancer, a pair of valve covers, a timing cover, an intake manifold, and a flex plate. You would want to choose a crate engine if you are not sure what components work well together or if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning all of your old parts that may be warped or damaged. Our Crate Engines not only save you time, they look great too!! All of our crate engines can be customized to your specifications.

Turn Key Engines
Our Performance Crate engine with a turn key package includes everything in our crate engine packages plus: a carburetor, a distributor, a set of spark plugs, a set of plug wires, a water pump, and a fuel pump (if applicable). This performance engine is the way to go when you have a clean slate and want to start with all new parts.

Crate Engine Completer packages
Our Completer packages add the little extras that you want to finish your engine installation project. These include a PCV valve, Valve cover grommets, valve cover breather/s, PCV hose, fuel lines (from Fuel pump to carb), in line fuel filter, oil filter, and an Air cleaner. Most customers want to purchase these items themselves because everyone likes something different, but we offer this as an option.
Completer sets start at $99 and up (depending on application)

Crate Engine Aftermarket Accessory Kits
These Kits are the ultimate in finishing that High Performance Crate engine. Imagine dropping 600HP into your baby and expecting to run a factory v belt setup for your accessories. Aside from the fact that you will be spinning belts and throwing them off left and right they just look bad. We offer incredible looking serpentine belt kits for most make and models of performance crate engines. We carry Concept One and March Performance brands. Prices range from $899-$3999 depending on engine design, accessories and desired finish.




We now have a new video section which will show engine related videos by Promar Performance Engines.

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View some of the vehicles using our crate engines.

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Chevy 396CI Big Block 375HP

"When it came time to rebuild the big block in my 1969 Chevelle, I chose Promar due to their competitive pricing and excellent customer service..."

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Chevy 350CI Vortec 350HP Crate Engine
Chevy 350CI Vortec 350HP

Chevy 383CI Stroker 405HP Crate Engine
Chevy 383CI Stroker 405HP

Ford 347CI Stroker 390HP Crate Engine
Ford 347CI Stroker 390HP

Ford 351CI Windsor 395HP Crate Engine
Ford 351CI Windsor 370HP

Custom 1949 Ford 239 Flathead V8 Engine
Ford 239CI Flat Head Engine


Need help installing your new crate engine? We have a list of available installers..

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