Promar has been providing quality remanufactured engines to the marketplace since 1993. Since our inception we have dedicated ourselves to building outstanding quality engines at an affordable price. Our customer service is second to none. Promar’s presence in the performance engine industry has our competitors racing to keep up with us.

We offer many different performance engines out of our facility. We offer 300HP – 900HP range of performance engines as well as stock engine rebuilds. Promar has a performance engine to fit everyone’s needs and budget. Since we are direct with so many vendors you receive the best possible pricing with our performance engines.

With the addition of Al Graeber as our performance engine program manager Promar has taken off as a leading supplier of quality High Performance Crate Engines. Al comes to us with an extensive background in the performance engine and production engine market with 20 years of hands on experience. He is the son of the late Al Graeber Sr. (popular top fuel funny car driver of the Tickle me Pink Dodge charger in the late 60’s as well as master engine builder). Al is here to provide you the very best performance engines available.

When you look at our competitive prices keep in mind to look at the quality of components that go into our performance engines. The components that we install are there to give you years of worry free power. As you look at our crate engines offered you will notice that most of our crate engines include new cylinder heads, new connecting rods, roller rockers, new crankshafts, stainless valves, true performance gaskets, true roller timing sets, and a host of other high quality parts. It is true you may find cheaper performance engines out there, however to save a little money you have to give up a lot on quality and peace of mind. Using old heads, old rods, and old cranks (that already have 150,000 + miles on them) in performance engines did not seem like a good idea to us either. We feel that there is no reason that you should have to settle for less than the best, which is why we build our performance engines the way we do.