Chevy 396CI Big Block 375HP 420TQ

When it came time to rebuild the big block in my 1969 Chevelle, I chose Promar due to their competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Their website provides an outstanding look into their rebuild process, and everyone I dealt with was professional and responsive. The performance options selected gave me the combination of horsepower and driveability I was looking for in my restoration project.

Richard Gronback

Chevy 350CI Small Block 350HP 390TQ

Dear Promar blowing the GM crate motor in my Vette was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The crate engine that you built for me is amazing. I've never had an engine with such neck snapping power!! My Vette now has the true engine it deserves thanks to Promar Performance Engines. I am a greatly satisfied customer and I will recommend your engines to anyone that I know!!

JP Nieto

Chevy 454CI Big Block 600HP 600TQ

Thank you Promar I love my new motor. I got it together and put it into the car Friday and started it up Saturday morning. Well after the smoke cleared she’s running sweet. I took it out for a drive and had a great time. I can’t wait for the break in period to come to an end so I can get this car to the track and see what she can do in the quarter mile. My best time with the old engine was 10.8 @ 126 anyway. I will send in new time slips soon when I get to the track. Thank you again you guys did a great job and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs a performance engine.

Andy Christon

Ford 460CI Big Block 455HP 520TQ

I was referred to Promar by another performance engine builder in NJ. After a few phone calls to get my ideas together and tailor the engine to meet my needs I placed my order. My custom engine took about 6-7 weeks to complete (I changed some things along the way) and I was contacted every step of the process via email or a phone call. Even before the engine was shipped to me I was greeted by an email with the dyno graph and a link to a video of my engine running on the dyno. Let me just say I was really salivating as I watched the video for the 20th consecutive time. Ha ha ha. Well my engine arrived and it was like Christmas in September. After getting it installed it looked and performed better than I could have hoped. Thank you Promar for building me the perfect performance engine for my truck!

Bobby Lowe

Chevy 427CI Big Block 480HP 502TQ

25 years ago I purchased a 1969 Chevelle for a restoration project. After many long years of working on this car off and on I had finally got serious about getting it finished this past year. As the body was getting painted I needed to get the engine built. I have had other engines in the past built by Promar and they were the only choice when it was time to build my baby’s engine. After a short consultation they put together a package for me that was far beyond my wildest expectations for my restored ride. I had supplied them with a used 427 core and the engine they returned to me looked like it came right out of a brand new corvette in 1967. After installing the engine and breaking in the camshaft I called the owner of Promar over to take the maiden voyage with me. I tromped on the throttle and had the widest grin on my face I think I have ever had. We laid wheels the total length of my block. Trust me when I say that the technicians at Promar know there stuff when it comes to engines. I will never trust my engines to anyone else.

Walter Zagibaylo

Ford 302CI Small Block 325HP 375TQ

After restoring my 67 Mustang for about 2 years I finally was focusing on a stronger engine. Due to the fact that we hardly have any speed limits over here in Germany, I was looking for an engine which is able to handle higher rpm's. I searched the internet for the right engine builder in the US and compared a lot of them by reading in forums etc.... Promar Engines had the reputation I was looking for, a good quality for a reasonable price without using cheap parts like others do! Brian at the sales department was very patient and helped me find the right engine. Promar really offers custom build engines, all of my wishes were accepted and delivered as stated. My roller engine pulls like a train and sometimes it can be pretty scary too lol! Plenty of power for the money. I highly recommend these guys even to foreign customers, you don't have to worry about a poor quality or rip offs. Thanks to Al and Brian, gimme a shout if you ever come over to Germany!

Daniel Schroeder

Chevy 383CI Small Block 370HP 450TQ

A new engine in my ’55 GMC had been required for nearly six months. Researching GM’s new ZZ 383 and other aftermarket stroker combinations didn’t fit the requirements for the old Jimmy which were durability, dependability, and longevity for towing. I came across Promar’s website, mostly high performance strokers for street machines, not what I needed, but after reviewing their philosophy and technical machining approach to engine building, I called for more information. It didn’t hurt that their operation was only 20 miles away as a comfort factor either.

As it turned out, distance was never a factor. All my specifications were worked out by telephone with Al Graeber, Promar’s Performance Engine Specialist. He understood what the application was for and my goals. This stroker was not going to be a low budget creation. Over several days, mostly by email and telephone, the paper engine came together, followed by the 3-D version. The project was completed quickly and with great support from Promar by phone during the installation. The new stroker looks great, sounds great (I love those singing rockers), and runs great. Promar is one quality outfit.

Hunt Jones